Sufficient quality water supply

We need to educate people about water, a precious resource.
  • We propose to maintain, bring up to standards and improve our water, sanitary and storm sewer networks.
  • We propose to reassess development projects based on their impact and costs on all our water and sanitary and storm sewer networks.
  • We propose the adoption of a water policy, to avoid waste, to raise awareness of this precious resource and to put in place the best management practices for our potable water and our wastewater as well as to promote good consumption habits. 

A calm and peaceful life for all

  • We propose the establishment of an action plan to eliminate violence in our streets.
  • We propose to fight against tags and graffities and to rehabilitate the action plan put in place in collaboration with commercial and residential citizens.
  • We propose the adoption of an action plan aimed at reducing visual and noise nuisance and adopt a good neighbor policy.
  • We propose that Châteauguay become a test ground for mosquito control so to be the first municipality to put in place an exemplary management measure. 

Safe facilities that meet the needs of all citizens

  • We propose to develop and maintain our automobile, bicycle, and pedestrian lanes so that they are user-friendly and allow everyone to travel safely.
  • We are proposing the installation of more street furniture such as benches, water fountains, bicycle racks and public toilets to promote active mobility to a greater number of citizens.
  • We propose to create parks and public places that meet the needs of all citizens of all ages.
  • We propose to promote healthy lifestyles and adopt a policy in this direction.

Sustainable and active mobility

  • We propose to complete the construction of a bus terminal on the park-and-ride site and the establishment of a complete and free local bus service network; to extend the public transport network in the East / West axis of the South Shore.
  • We are proposing improved service to Montreal.
  • We propose to work to make public transport more efficient and more affordable.