Action citoyenne – Citizens’ Action / 

Team Nathalie Simon

Founded in 2009, Action citoyenne-Citizens’ Action is a municipal political party that has its roots in participatory democracy, sustainable development, ethics, integrity and responsible management of public funds. The party under the leadership of Mayor Nathalie Simon has been head of the City of Châteauguay since November 1, 2009. The team is seeking for a third term on November 5, 2017.


Political overview:

Since its arrival at City Hall, Action citoyenne-Citizens’ Action has been working to improve municipal services’ integrity, to restore dialogue with citizens and to rebuild our Châteauguay on the basis of sustainable and responsible development of higher standards of efficiency and integrity.  Following numerous consultations, including the most important Le Sommet Châteauguay 2020, Nathalie Simon’s Team can proudly enumerate some of its many important achievements.

  • Purchase of l’île Saint-Bernard.
  • Consolidation of the Green Belt (Boisé Fernand-Seguin).
  • Major investments in Investissements in Sanitary, Water, Streets, Parks infrastructures (close to 40 M$ in the last 5 years).
  • Cyclepath extensions.
  • Redevelopment Planning for Downtown, City entrance, Old Village Areas.
  • Active and Sustainable Mobility Plan (Transit system, Cycle and Sidewalk Networks)
  • Valorization of our Heritage (Natural & Buildings)
  • Industrial Park Attraction Study & Action plan.
  • Bonified Sports & Cultural Events.
  • Construction of Reception facility at Fernand-Seguin Park and transformation of the Maison Gravel Ruins.
  • Adoption of our Social Development Policy and Elder Friendly Municipality Program.