Nathalie Simon introduces a dynamic, diverse and attentive team

(Châteauguay, August 16, 2021) –  Nathalie Simon announces her candidacy for Châteauguay Mayor introducing a dynamic, diverse, attentive team reflecting Châteauguay’s community image. The eight candidates, who are running for the November 7th’s Municipal election along her side for Action citoyenne – Citizens’Action, come from various backgrounds: business, community services, culture and sports.

“We are alike our community. We have a good balance between youth and experience, we respect the parity of men and women and represent who we are in our political party, who we are in our community”comments Ms. Simon.

In addition to Nathalie Simon’s candidacy for mayor, the Action citoyenne – Citizens’Action team is made up of Nick Minotti for de La Noue district, Patricia Martineau for district 2 de Filgate, Samuel Quansah for district 3 de Robutel, Madeleine Chalmel for district 4 de Bumbray, Sandrine Lacoste-Bissonnette for district 5 de Salaberry, Michael McGinn for district 6 de Lang, Yvon Girard for district 7 de LeMoyne and Mathieu Durivage fo district 8 d’Youville.

Citizens will be able to get to know the Citizens’ Action team better during the next election campaign. Already present in the community through their commitment, their work and their participation in the community life, the candidates have already begun to take the voters’ pulse. About ten virtual kitchen assemblies have been held since last May. After taking a break during the summer vacation, they will resume in the end of August.

The Citizens’ Action platform is built around six (6) main areas: the post-pandemic revival of our economy, community and cultural life; the quality of life of citizens and, in particular, the supply of drinking water in sufficient quality and quantity; fair, equitable taxation and ethical financing; the environment and the fight against climate change; citizens’ voice and affordable, accessible housing.

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Photo : Samuel Quansah, Sandrine Lacoste-Bissonnette, Michael McGinn, Patricia Martineau, Yvon Girard, Mathieu Durivage, Nick Minotti et Madeleine Chalmel se présentent avec Nathalie Simon et le parti Action citoyenne-Citizens’Action

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